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National Steering Committee

National Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee is responsible for executing the project in all of its capacities and ensuring that the objectives and deliverables are met. In particular, the National Steering Committee will consider the recommendations from the National Advisory Panel, discussion papers produced by expert task teams, and information obtained through consultations from other processes and groups to provide a recommended Pathway to Canada Target 1, including implementation guidance, for approval and endorsement by federal and provincial/territorial Ministers responsible for protected areas and biodiversity conservation, through the relevant federal and provincial/territorial bodies and National Indigenous Organizations.

The composition of the Pathway to Canada Target 1 national steering committee currently includes:

  • Co-chair: Scott Jones, Executive Director, Alberta Parks, Alberta
  • Co-chair: Grant Hogg, Director, Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Peter Labor, Director, Department of Environment, Nova Scotia
  • Jason Travers, Director, Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, Ontario

  • Joel Holder, Director, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories

  • Nadine Crookes, Director, Parks Canada Agency

  • Murray Kopp, Director of Parks Services, Canadian Parks and Recreation Association

  • Tonio Sadik, Director, Implementing Rights, Assembly of First Nations

  • Anthony Danks, Executive Director, Strategic Policy, Ministry of Environment, British Columbia

  • Kathy Hodgson-Smith, Métis National Council

The NSC is supported by a Secretariat and two special advisors who will help facilitate communications and approval processes within and among the CPC and the CWBSG:

  • Dawn Carr, Canadian Parks Council Executive Director
  • Kelly Torck, Conservation, Wildlife and Biodiversity steering Group Secretariat